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Open Enrollment for 2022 Health Insurance Coverage

For those who want to be covered by health insurance or change their coverage, open enrollment is an important period each year. Missing your chance to enroll during open enrollment could mean that you’re denied coverage for the next year, or else you’ll have to pay extra fees. read more

Medicare Supplement Plans Plan N

If you have a Medicare plan, you have likely noticed that it doesn’t cover every cost. For those gaps in Medicare coverage, there are Medicare Supplement Insurance plans that can fill in your coverage and relieve some of the financial burdens of your medical care. These are insurance plans that are provided by private firms to supplement your Medicare. read more

Supplemental Insurance: Help You Fill the Holes of Traditional Plans

Traditional medical insurance and Medicare plans provide you and your family with health-care coverage. Traditional plans, on the other hand, may contain coverage gaps that leave you vulnerable. Supplemental health insurance plans are now available to help fill in some of those gaps. read more

Health solutions for your small business

Our goal is to provide you with the support and planning you require in managing all of your employees effectively. We work to understand your needs and provide customized solutions that ensure better health care decisions for you and your employees.


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In today’s ever-changing working world, it is good to have choices. Learn More

At PLAN IV, we know that good help is hard to find. That is why when you build a quality workforce, you want to able to offer them the best in compensation and benefits Learn More
PLAN IV knows that strong leadership makes for a strong business. That is why we have developed specialty compensation and benefit programs for the executives within your organization. Learn More
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