Ease: Benefits And HR

Ease: Benefits And HR

Are your enrollment forms piling up? Are you exhausted from trying to decipher chicken scratch for signatures? If you answered “Yes!” to these questions, and you have some more frustrations that come from enrollment and coverage concerns, its time for you to say good-bye to paper and hello to Ease!

Broker Support: Ease takes away the stress by partnering with your broker, which allows them to set up, manage, and teach you how to use it. Your broker is there for any questions you might have!

Digital Enrollment: Ease can easily transfer your employee information to carrier enrollment forms, so nothing slips through the cracks. Your employees can easily e-sign any forms they might need to, so you can go paperless.

Plan Comparison: With Ease, employees can compare their unique plan information like deductibles and copays in just one view. As they select plans, employees can see a running total of actual costs per pay period, which helps them when it comes to planning.

Enrollment Progress Dashboard: Employers, you’ll be happy to know that after sending emails to your staff about open enrollment, you’ll be able to view their enrollment progress for each employee with Ease!

We’ve rolled out Ease to simplify the burden of the administrative tasks. Let’s increase productivity and add some Ease back into your busy days!