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A Single Source for Powerful Partnership

Plan IV Corporation is proud to meet your organization’s health insurance needs and we’re continually seeking new ways to deliver even greater value to you. With that in mind, Plan IV Corporation has partnered with PrimePay – one of the nation’s leading payroll and business service firms – to offer a suite of integrated HR, benefits and payroll processes to our clients.

With these services, Plan IV Corporation can become your one-stop source for a full range of insurance, HR, benefits and payroll needs. By working with Plan IV Corporation and PrimePay, you can optimize the speed, efficiency and accuracy of your HR, payroll and benefits administration processes.

A Single Source for Powerful Partnership

  • PrimePay has designed an entire program to serve our clients using integrated systems and services so you can streamline administration, communications, and accountability.
  • Plan IV Corporation has access to PrimePay’s dedicated Concierge team of professionals by phone and email to address your questions and concerns relating to any of PrimePay’s products and services.
  • The partnership between PrimePay and Plan IV Corporation will provide you with a single-source, end-to-end business services solution.

PrimePay's Suite of Services

PrimePay’s Suite of Services includes the following:
  • Integrated suite of HR, payroll and benefits administration services
    • Payroll & Tax Filing Services
    • Insurance & Benefit Services
    • HR & Workforce Services
    • Vertical Market Services



PrimePay has been working with thousands of satisfied payroll clients since 1986. The benefits of PrimePay payroll processing and tax filing are clear:

  • PrimePay’s Personalized Payroll ProcessSM - One payroll specialist assigned to your business
  • Affordable – No hidden fees – Full disclosure pricing
  • Submit your payroll via phone, fax, email, PC-based or web-based programs
  • Eliminate the hassles of year-end W-2s and 1099s
  • Ensure accurate and timely tax filing and payments
  • Detailed reporting capabilities – Electronic versions and online access available
  • Direct Deposit
  • CPA report packages



PrimePay’s pre-tax health account programs, simplifies plan administration, gives you more time to focus on making your business successful and removes the headaches commonly associated with the following benefit plans:

  • Premium Only Plans
  • Flexible Spending Accounts
  • Health Reimbursement Arrangements
  • Health Savings Accounts

These plans provide your clients and their employees with incredible tax savings opportunities. Employees that participate in this type of plan can expect an increase in their purchasing power without costing your client more money.


Did you know that the vast majority of companies in the United States are out of compliance with COBRA regulations? Why risk it? The penalties are steep. PrimePay can manage the process for you with our COBRA administration service.

PrimePay COBRA administration will coordinate every aspect of COBRA administration, from start to finish. For PrimePay payroll clients, this process is completely seamless due to direct integration between COBRA and payroll systems. PrimePay COBRA Administration will manage all necessary communications, notices, forms, and recordkeeping.


A well-chosen retirement plan can help set your company apart in attracting and retaining high quality people. Choosing the best retirement plan for you and your employees requires careful analysis. The most critical part of the process is finding a provider that offers retirement plan expertise in administration, plan design, recordkeeping, and quality investments. That’s why we created PrimePay Retirement Plan Services:

  • Flexibility, expertise and ease in administration
  • Seamless integration
  • Reliability of a proven company
  • Automatic electronic payroll data submission
  • Document Preparation
  • ...and much more!


Protect your company’s most valuable asset – your employees. One of the most basic costs of doing business is insuring your employees against injury on the job. That’s where workers’ compensation insurance comes in. PrimePay has partnered with national insurance companies to bring you a hassle-free approach to workers’ compensation insurance by using your current payroll information to calculate your premium through a seamless integration with PrimePay’s payroll system.



Let’s face it: as an HR & benefits professional, your skill set is less about time-consuming paperwork, manual correspondence with benefit vendors, and administrative tasks and more about hiring talented individuals, leadership & organizational development, and promoting the well-being of the employees at your company. Consider PrimePay HR3 as a solution to seamlessly integrating your HR, Payroll & Benefits administration.

Integrate your HR, Payroll and Benefits Administration with HR3 and expect these results:
  • Reduced administrative costs...with significant savings per employee per month
  • More accurate enrollments, premiums, and claims processing
  • Redundancy eliminated...changes made to HR and benefits data feed into payroll
  • Rapid enrollment with carriers and activation of benefit deductions in payroll
  • Straightforward carrier invoice reconciliation
  • Enhanced 24/7 communication to employees
  • Less repetitive benefit questions from employees
  • More time to focus on important strategies.


PrimePay’s Time & Attendance Systems offer a full suite of integrated management systems that are available in a number of different technologies, platforms and prices points, including:

  • Web-based Labor Management Solution
  • PC-Based Time & Labor Management System
  • Client/Server-Based Enterprise Workforce Management Solution
  • Telephony-based Systems
  • Biometric Screeners

Reduce your operating costs & benefit from an employee attendance system

  • Eliminate up to 80% of payroll preparation time
  • Reduce employee overpayment for issues such as long breaks, long lunches, early departures and late arrivals
  • Improve payroll’s ability to monitor and control the process of collecting pay data
  • Give your managers the tools they need to make better decisions and control labor costs


When your clients come to you with difficult HR issues, where do you go? There is plenty of information on the internet, provided you have the time to sift through it. And let’s face it: You don’t have the time.

PrimePay HR Advisory Services gives your clients the ability to obtain advice and answers to hard HR questions as well as access to how-to guides, forms and templates. They will have a direct connection to Live HR experts over the phone (HR Live) and online access to virtually everything they need from state-specific forms to handbooks and guides (HR Web).

Primepay HR Advisory Services chart


Learn how PrimePay ReadySetWork can decrease the amount of time you spend on employee scheduling by over 70%.


ReadySetWork from Team ReadySetWork on Vimeo.


PrimePay provides a number of additional HR services that will help your business stay organized and compliant. These services include:

  • Labor Law Posters
  • Unemployment Cost Management
  • Pre-employment screening



Do you accept credit and debit card payments for the products and services you offer? If so, the rates you are paying have most likely increased over time. PrimePay has partnered with First DataTM to bring our clients some of the best rates available. Want to compare our rates to what you are paying now? Ask PrimePay how our merchant services program can save your business money with guaranteed rates.


Legislation on health care reform is constantly being updated and changed. A number of the recent changes in regulations will directly affect you and your employees. PrimePay gives you an easy way to stay informed!

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