Best of Troy Award Winner

Best of Troy Award Winner

Plan IV is proud to announce that we’ve won yet another Best of Troy award! It would be amazing to take home this award for the first time, but we’re absolutely thrilled by the fact that we’ve been honored with this prize for three years running. This shows that we’ve consistently provided the best in customer service to our clients for a long time. And we’re constantly looking for new ways to meet the needs of Michigan residents and employers seeking temporary health insurance, HR outsourcing, retirement planning, supplemental health insurance, and identity theft protection.

Some Tips on Shopping for Health Insurance from Plan IV

At Plan IV, think that awards are great, but, when it comes to choosing the most trustworthy insurance provider, awards aren’t everything. Ideally, you want to work with a company that understands and cares about your needs, answers your questions, and provides you with affordableoptions.


With these things in mind, here are some other things to consider while you’re shopping for coverage.

  • ·         As a consumer or employer, you should always take the time to review your options.
  • ·         Even if you’re already covered, if you don’t think you’re getting the best deal possible, you should explore alternatives.
  • ·         No matter what health plan you choose, you should make sure that your coverage includes your preferred healthcare providers.
  • ·         When you decide on a policy, doublecheck to verify that the plan meets Affordable Care Act requirements.
  • ·         Understand that when you sign up for a new policy that doesn’t start immediately, you can fill in coverage gaps with short-term health insurance.


The insurance professionals at Plan IV believe in educating consumers and employers about healthcare coverage and other types of insurance. Therefore, we provide useful information on our website and are always available to answer any questions you may have about the policies and services we offer. Yes, we are an award-winning company, but the greatest satisfaction we get as a business comes from knowing that we exist to serve the members of our community with excellent and affordable insurance options.

Contact Plan IV for Dental and Vision Coverage, Medicare Supplement Plans, Short Term Health Care, and More

Whether you need private coverage, healthcare insurance policies for employees, travel insurance, identity theft protection, or human resource outsourcing, give Plan IV a call at (248) 689-4910 or reach out to us through the contact form on our website.