Beware of Tax Related Scams and Inquires

Beware of Tax Related Scams and Inquires

It’s the start of tax season and cyber criminals may be posing as the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), a tax accounting service or preparer, client, or an employer

Watch out for phishing emails, texts, letters or phone calls asking for personal information such as Social Security Numbers, W2 forms, or banking information, etc. It is always best to call the IRS directly to verify any request. The IRS will never email, text or call you.

Other Tax Scams to look out for and share with your loved ones:
  • Be careful using search engines to find technical help with taxes or “free” tax software. Selecting the wrong “tech support” link could lead to a loss of data or an infected computer. Always verify that you reached the official website and only use software from providers you know.
  • A phone call or an official-looking letter from the IRS informs you of taxes you owe. These calls can be threatening and scary. Some warning signs to consider: 1) The IRS does not call you. 2) The letter or call instructs you to write a check payable to "IRS" (When you pay taxes, you write the check payable to the U.S. Treasury) and  3) The request suggests payment be done by wire, gift cards or prepaid debit cards.

Protect Yourself:
  • Never click on links or open documents unless you are certain they are safe.
  • Verify and validate all requests asking for personal information.
  • Report all suspicious emails to Information Protection at
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