2020 Open Enrollment for Healthcare

2020 Open Enrollment for Healthcare

With the end of the year fast approaching, Michigan residents ought to know there is only a short window of opportunity to enroll in healthcare coverage for the 2020 calendar year. Open enrollment for health insurance begins November 1, 2019 and will conclude on December 15, 2019. But don’t wait! Residents seeking insurance coverage should act before the end of the enrollment period, unless you will qualify for a Special Enrollment Period. Residents in Troy, Rochester and the surrounding southeast Michigan area can trust us at Plan IV to navigate through insurance options fit for your needs.

There is an old proverb that says, “Health is not valued until sickness comes”. Healthcare is a sensitive subject for many people. It can be complex and confusing and something that should not be managed on your own. That is why Plan IV works with you to determine what the best individual health Insurance plans are for today and for tomorrow. We know that it is better to plan ahead, so that when the need arises, you will be in the right hands.

Plans sold during open enrollment start on January 1, 2020, so contact Plan IV right now to ensure that your family is covered for the upcoming year. We are your local insurance experts who you can trust. We have access to a wide variety of health care plans fit for all ages and backgrounds. In addition, we offer a personalized touch that is difficult to find with larger providers. As a Michigan company, we understand the specific needs and concerns shared by Michiganders, and we can find solutions for all types of situations.

Now, let’s say your health insurance comes from your current or former employer. Keep in mind that your employer’s open enrollment period might change each year. Many employers will conduct their open enrollment for their employees generally around the time that the state of Michigan offers its open enrollment, as well (during the fall months). If your employer offers a comprehensive plan, especially one fitting everything that you need, then go for it!

Though, remember that if you decide to acquire healthcare from another source, please be aware that:

  • You can’t get premium tax credits for a marketplace plan unless your employer’s plan fails to meet minimum standards for coverage and affordability. Since employers usually pick up part of the bill, you could end up paying a lot more.
  • If you fail to buy a plan during the open enrollment period for individual plans, you’ll be uninsured and, in some states, may have to pay a penalty. (There is no federal penalty for not having health insurance.)

Trust Plan IV to Find You the Right Healthcare Coverage 2020

If you do not have a healthcare plan, you may be feeling anxious to get into a healthcare plan before the end date arrives on December 15. But it is important to refrain from jumping into a plan before you really know what it can do for you. You could end up spending too much for too little coverage or find yourself stuck with coverage that you do not need. Plan IV takes the unknowns out of health and life insurance. We make the process understandable and the needs of our clients always come first.

The insurance professionals at Plan IV will take the time to evaluate your specific requirements to identify which healthcare plans meet your exact needs and budget. Whether you need short-term health insurancelong-term health insurance, supplemental health insurance, or any other type of coverage, we can save you time and money and give you peace of mind.

Contact Plan IV to Find Affordable Healthcare for Michigan Residents

Take advantage of Open Enrollment 2020 right now by calling Plan IV for a priority health quote at (248) 689-4910. Or, if you have questions about our plans or services, please reach out to us through the contact form on our website.