Travel Insurance for Upcoming Spring and Summer

Travel Insurance for Upcoming Spring and Summer

Winter is coming to a close and that means spring and summer are upon us!  It might be hopeful thinking, but Plan IV wants to help you be mindful during this season of heavy travel.  With so many people traveling for spring break, we have protective measures, such as purchasing travel insurance, that make sure your plans are safe and secured.

Travel insurance is crucial for savvy travelers who don’t want the pressure of knowing their financial investments can be compromised at any time.  There are coverage and protection advantages for during and around your vacation that we think you should know:

  • Cancel Accommodations: You can cancel reservations at any time.
  • Delay in Travel: If you accidentally miss your scheduled travel time.
  • In Case of Emergency: If unexpected events or illnesses happen around your trip.
  • Flight Cancellation: Your airline cancels its scheduled flight time.
  • Protection of Luggage: Pertaining to lost, damaged or stolen luggage.

The Top Three Reasons Why Michigan Residents Need Travel Insurance:

If you’re taking a trip, don’t let issues like cancellations, lost or damaged luggage, or injuries ruin your vacation.  With the right travel insurance, you’re covered in the event of the unexpected.

For example:

  1. If you get travel insurance, your canceled flight reservation and room accommodations will be recouped.
  2. Rest assured that you will be reimbursed in full for the cost of lost, damaged or stolen luggage should you have the right coverage.
  3. Also, our travel insurance plans will also cover medical bills acquired if you are wounded or become ill while traveling outside of the country.

One of the worst things that can happen to you on vacation is to have a big problem arise that you have to worry about, especially if it’s a problem back home.  But, think about it, with travel insurance, all those problems drift away!  Plan IV will help you find the best plan that fit your specific needs.  Whether you need travel insurance, dental and vision coverage, identity theft insurance, or disability insurance Michigan, Plan IV has the tools that you need!

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Our experienced staff at Plan IV can explain the types of travel insurance coverage and help you choose the travel insurance package that will compensate you if your vacation happens to be not quite a dream come true.

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