What to Expect With a COVID-19 Vaccine

What to Expect With a COVID-19 Vaccine

It’s true: We’re almost there!  With approved vaccines circulating in the news, we can only hope that the end of the COVID-19 pandemic will be upon us in the next year.  However, in the meantime, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) has not lifted any of its recommendations to stay safe during the home stretch.

From continuing to stay socially distant to wearing our masks or face shields in public, we can continue to do our part to help stop the spread of the Coronavirus.  Though, with the new vaccine on the rise, there are some important things to consider before rolling up your sleeve.

Take a look at some of the facts of the vaccine to remember before it becomes available:

COVID-19 vaccine safety is of utmost priority.  There is an utmost priority to make sure that each and every vaccine ever administered to a large number of people is going to be safe.  The CDC has developed the new “v-safe” safety monitor with the ability to test and detect any safety issues with a given vaccine.  Ultimately, in order to be successfully dispersed to the entire country, the vaccines themselves need to continue testing to rule out any serious side effects.

Two doses are needed to be fully vaccinated.  Depending on which approved vaccine you have available to you, there is generally a two-dose vaccination associated with the new COVID-19 vaccine.  For instance, the approved Pfizer vaccine has reportedly required patients to receive the second injection starting from seven days from the first.  Then, the Moderna vaccine has a reported period of 14 days between doses.  If you know you will have access to a COVID-19 vaccination in the near future, make sure you know the dosage schedules and plan accordingly.

Healthcare workers and long-term care facilities are recommended first.  Though this is not set-in stone as of yet, the CDC has a strong recommendation that healthcare workers — especially those working closely with COVID-19 patients — as well as long-term care facilities will receive the first public vaccines.  This is primarily because the first wave of vaccines produced will be limited; therefore, the distribution will need to be offered to those who are closely working with the virus during the pandemic.  Once supplies become more widely available, the remaining population will then begin to have access to the vaccine publicly.

Side effects are to be expected: Be cautious.  We say to be cautious because your body might try to fight the vaccine during your dosage schedule.  The side effects are common vaccination side effects: pain, swelling, fever, chills, fatigue, and headaches.  While these side effects seem unappealing, the end result will benefit you greatly as the symptoms of COVID-19 can become far worse, especially the elderly and those with preexisting conditions.

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