What Do Insurance Companies Have to Cover for COVID-19?

What Do Insurance Companies Have to Cover for COVID-19?

With waves of COVID-19 sending millions of Americans to doctors, urgent cares, and pharmacies for COVID-19 testing, you may be wondering what insurance companies are required to cover when it comes to COVID-19 related services. The federal government has required that some services related to COVID-19 must be covered by private insurance companies, but not every service is. 


What COVID-19 do insurance companies have to cover? 

The federal government declared at the start of 2022 that private insurance companies must cover COVID-19 testing costs. This is to make sure no one is discouraged from getting tested due to costs. This means that whether you go to a doctor’s office or an urgent care to get tested, you will be covered by insurance. Private insurance companies must also cover up to 8 at-home COVID tests per person on the insurance plan. 

What COVID-19 services may not be covered by insurance? 

After testing, there are no services that are required by the government for insurance companies to cover. In mild to moderate case of COVID-19, you won’t require medication, so you shouldn’t have to worry about it in those cases. However, in more serious cases you could. When it comes to serious cases, then you can start to incur costs depending on your insurance.  

Beyond testing, COVID-19 is treated like other illnesses by your insurance. Whatever services your plan covers, they will be covered for COVID-19. When considering things like urgent care, emergency room visits, inpatient hospitalization including equipment, supplies, and medication, and outpatient services including lab work, x-rays, and additional doctor’s visits, you’ll have to check with your insurance. If you’re covered for those services when needed for other illnesses, you’ll be covered in the case of COVID-19. If you’re not covered for those services, then you won’t be. 

Keep in mind that your insurance provider may have expanded your coverage due to the COVID-19 pandemic. If you haven’t already gotten a notification about this, ask our provider to see if they are covering you for anything that you previously were not covered for. 

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