Identity Theft Protection

Identity Theft Protection

In the internet age, if you use a smartphone or laptop regularly, chances are that information about your identity is everywhere. It seems like every company wants you to make a profile with your email and a password, as well as your date of birth and home state. If you shop online, consider how many different websites you’ve given your credit card info and home address to in addition to the profile you made to use their online shopping services. While these companies take strong measures to protect their customers’ information, no company is 100% safe from hackers.

Now more than ever, it’s important to have protection against identity theft. If your credit card information gets hacked, the thief can use it almost immediately online. But with identity theft protection from Plan IV and Legal Shield, you can rest easy knowing that you have a vigilant defense against hackers.

Identity theft consultation services

Legal Shield is made up of a team of expert private investigators that specialize in protecting your identity. They offer around the clock monitoring, unlimited consultation on keeping your identity safe, and full restoration of damages if your identity is compromised. Here are the identity theft services they offer:

·       Advice on stopping credit card junk mail

·       Advice on recognizing scams

·       How to read a credit report

·       Reversing credit freezes

·       Recovering lost or stolen wallets

·       Sex offender searches

·       Medical ID fraud and theft

·       Minor or deceased fraud and theft

·       SSN Skip Trace fraud detection

·       Alerting credit reporting agencies of fraud

What does Legal Shield monitor?

With all of the different pieces of your identity on the internet, there are plenty of things that can be used to steal your identity. Legal Shield monitors all of these pieces of your identity, such as:

·       Up to 10 bank accounts

·       Up to 10 credit cards

·       Up to 10 medical ID numbers

·       Up to 10 phone numbers

·       Up to 10 email addresses

·       Legal name

·       Social Security Number

·       Passport number

·       Driver’s license number

·       Date of birth

·       Mailing address

When Legal Shield notices some suspicious activity, they will immediately notify you through an email alert, mobile alert on their MyIDShield app, live alert support, or online through your MyIDShield account. Here are some of the red flags that they watch out for:

·       Credit fraud attempts

·       Credit account inquiries

·       Credit account delinquency

·       Credit bankruptcy

·       New address requests

·       New credit accounts in your name

·       New employment information

·       Court records incidents

·       New loan attempts

·       New public records

Plan IV | Legal Shield identity theft protection

There are plenty of hackers out there working to steal people’s identities every day, and the internet has made it much easier for them to get their hands on information they can use to steal an identity. There’s no guarantee that the companies who have your information are safe from hackers, so you need an extra line of defense from Legal Shield. Their team of experts will provide the best identity theft protection you can get. Plan IV also offers identity theft insurance to recoup any losses that come from having your identity stolen.

To learn more about our identity theft protection services, give us a call at (248) 689-4910 or send in an online contact form today!