Travel Insurance for Spring and Summer

Travel Insurance for Spring and Summer

The best two seasons for vacations are fast approaching. Going on a vacation is supposed to be a time when you’re most relaxed, but when you’re traveling there are a lot of factors that can throw off your trip. If you don’t have travel insurance, these issues can even ruin your trip completely. But with travel insurance, you’ll be covered for unexpected expenses and delays that would otherwise put a damper on your good time. With this peace of mind, you can fully relax and enjoy your vacation.

What Does Travel Insurance Cover?

There are a few different types of travel insurance plans, but here are things that are generally covered by travel insurance.

Flight Delays or Cancellations

If your flight is delayed, it could mean cancelling on the whole trip. If this happens, then the ticket you paid for and the hotel you’ve booked are now worthless. But with travel insurance, you can get refunded for these types of non-refundable expenses that were made worthless by a cancelled flight.

The same goes for flight delays. If a delay causes you to miss your check-in for a hotel or other experience, then you could get it refunded by travel insurance. Most companies have a certain hour mark where the refunds kick in, such as after 5 hours of delay.

Medical Emergencies

Medical emergencies never come at a convenient time, but if you’re outside of the U.S. there is an added level of stress. Most health insurance policies don’t cover medical expenses in other countries, but travel insurance will. It covers things like hospital bills, ambulance rides, X-rays, medicine, and more depending on your policy.

It can even cover emergency medical evacuations by plane, boat, or helicopter. These emergency evacuations can reach costs in the tens of thousands of dollars without insurance, but you’ll be covered with travel insurance. Some policies even cover travel back to the United States for advanced care if it’s necessary.

Lost Luggage

Having your luggage get lost, stolen, or sent to the wrong destination is incredibly frustrating, especially when you’re on the hook to pay for it. Travel insurance will reimburse the cost of your missing luggage so you can replace it without having to lose your money along with your belongings.

Cancellation for Any Reason

This is a premium option for travel insurance which you will pay a higher rate for, but it can come in handy. Regular travel insurance policies have specific reasons for cancellation that they’ll reimburse, like mechanical problems with the plane or weather that shuts down your trip. But if something else happens that keeps you from going, like an emergency in the family or at work, you’ll need a “cancel for any reason” policy to get your money back. It will increase the cost of your travel insurance, but if you have to cancel for a reason that isn’t reimbursable otherwise, then you’ll still be saving a ton of money.

Individual and Family Travel Insurance Plans | Plan IV

Not everything in life goes according to plan, even your vacation may not work out no matter how badly you need it. It’s disappointing enough to have a vacation taken off the rails by something you can’t control, but it’s much worse to have pay for it even when you didn’t get to go. Let us give you the peace of mind you need going into your trip with our individual and family travel insurance policies. We have many options so you can get as much or as little insurance as you need safeguard your trip.

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