Benefits of Telehealth Care

Benefits of Telehealth Care

Since the pandemic, plenty of industries have continued to embrace virtual work. It has even become accepted in the medical field, with telehealth care starting to be offered by most institutions. You may wonder how a doctor’s visit can be carried out when you’re not in the same location as the doctor, but as long as no hands-on inspection is needed then it’s very possible. In fact, it’s much more convenient for things like getting a prescription adjusted or having a therapy session. There are plenty of benefits to using telehealth care, read on to learn more about them!

Uses for Telehealth

Telehealth can be used for more than just holding a doctor’s visit. A doctor can use telehealth to send a video with instructions on how use a new medical device or how to take your medication, you can wear a device that links to your doctor’s computer so they can monitor your vitals after a certain treatment, you can access your healthcare records online,  and surgeons can now even use telehealth to control robotic surgery tools and perform a surgery from a different location!

Benefits of Telehealth

More convenient and accessible care

If you have mobility issues, then going to an office might be a barrier to treatment. Instead, having a video call in the comfort of your home is a much simpler process. Also, if you have a busy schedule and don’t have time to commute to your doctor’s office, a quick video call will fit in between your other obligations. You can even get telehealth care outside of regular office hours in some situations, which can help those with busy schedules as well.

Easier to communicate with providers

Just like it’s easier to call someone on the phone or send them an email than it is to set up an in-person meeting, telehealth allows for an easier flow of communication between you and your health care provider. Plus, it gives you access to providers that aren’t in your area. For specialists that live in another state, having to fly out to them could have stopped you from getting the care you needed in the past. Now, you can set up a video call with that specialist and get the best care for your needs. And the better communication doesn’t only apply for your conversations with providers. Telehealth also makes it easier for providers to communicate with each other, so every one of your health care providers can be up to date on your information.

Additional support for managing conditions

If you have a chronic condition that requires ongoing treatment and monitoring, setting an in-person appointment for every question you have and change in your condition can be frustrating and costly. With telehealth, you can set appointments virtually that have more availability, and you can send messages back and forth when an appointment isn’t necessary but you still need information.

Usually costs less than in-person treatment

Since a telehealth appointment is more convenient and requires the help of fewer staff members than an in-person appointment, you’ll often find that they cost less. This is very helpful with the rising costs of health care in our country, especially if you have chronic conditions that require regular check-ups.

Health insurance for your telehealth appointments | Plan IV

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